Be comfortable in your own skin.

The Organic Bodybuilder is a revolutionary health and fitness program created by Athena Lee Jackson, former Miss USA bodybuilding champion, fitness model and 35 year veteran of the fitness industry.

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Build strong lean muscle

My custom programs will correct any body issue that you are dissatisfied with.

The results of the program include loving your body and enjoying the power and confidence that comes with that.

A streamlined, practical method designed to give you the lasting results that you deserve.

It’s a program that you can maintain for life, based on your individual lifestyle, preferences, hours and habits.

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Check it out

We invite you to explore this website and learn the basics about the system.

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It works because it starts YOU where YOU need to start.

It is personalized for YOU, not a “cookie cutter” program that is given out to everyone.

For instance: If you are a man in your forties and you have never done anything physical and perhaps have an injury, then you will be given the appropriate program for you. If you are a woman and are currently active and just still struggling with some body issues, you will be given a program designed for you.